The Runaway Orphan- Part 1

The Runaway Orphan- Part 1

The following is Part One of the short story, ‘The Runaway Orphan” 

Quin’s P.O.V.

I feel like I’ve been walking for days, but what else was I expecting when I decided to run away. Whether or not this was a good idea, I can’t turn back now.  Even if I did go back I’m sure I’d be kicked out again now that I’m 18.

“Man this system is so messed up,” I say to myself as I walk along the empty streets; the only thing I can do now is look for a place to sleep.

After walking in the dark for close to two hours, I finally came across a motel.  Overall, it looks pretty sketchy, but now is not exactly a time I can be picky. I did a quick run past the front door, where the owner of the motel sat inside at the front desk waiting for anyone to come in. Luckily, he didn’t see and I made my way up the stairs to the second floor and all the way down the hall to the very last room, where I hoped no one would be. I managed to peek inside the room through a small slit in the ugly curtains to see that the room was vacant. I looked around me to make sure there were not any cameras around, then started to work on the lock to open the door, it took me a few tries but I finally got it unlocked.  I opened it quickly and slipped in before anyone could see me.

I let out a sigh of relief and used my flashlight to look around the room, then quickly turn it off and lay down on the somewhat soft bed.  I know it’s gonna get cold soon which means I will need to find some decent new clothes.

As I lay on the bed I start to think about the clothes I have on, a black wool trench coat that hits just below my knees, a grey turtleneck that has some small holes all over with a grey tank top under so that my skin is covered, some regular dark blue jeans, and some busted up gym shoes.  I know I’ll probably be fine with the trench coat but I’m going to need a shirt and some better shoes before winter comes on stronger.  With this in mind I started thinking about how or where I could get some clothes for the coming colder weather, I keep thinking until I eventually fell asleep.