Diversity of Biden’s Cabinet


The President’s cabinet though not written in the Constitution was a precedent set by the first president, George Washington. Under the Executive Branch it is made up of the heads of 15 executive departments. Compared to previous presidents, for nominees, Biden had the same number of minorities as Obama, surpassed Bush and Trump and barely beat Clinton. Biden did nominate more Latinos than the others and is the first to nominate a Native American. The President also has the highest number of females nominated in the Cabinet since Obama. Though a great achievement women still only account for less or about ⅓ of the overall nominations. Also, age wise his nominees are very well up there, average age 59, with the average age of nominees being at least 50 years of age due to experience, Pete Buttigeg is technically the youngest nominee (38 when nominated) for his position as of the time.

The nominated Secretaries for the President’s Cabinet and confirmed by the time of writing this are:

● Alejandro Mayorkas (Dept. of Homeland Security)- First Latino and immigrant in this position

● Antony Blinken (Dept. of State)

● Janet Yellen (Dept. of Treasury)- First female in this position

● Denis McDonough (Dept. of Veteran Affairs)

● Pete Buttigieg (Dept. of Transportation)- First openly member of the LBTQ+, formerly ran in the 2020 Democratic primary

● Gen. Lloyd Austin (Dept. of Defense)- First black person in this position and therefore first black leader in the Pentagon

● Deb Halaand (Dept. of Interior)- First Native American in this position