How to Best Maximize Your Study Time

How to Best Maximize Your Study Time

Like many students, your time is limited, and now that spring is on the horizon, you certainly want to maximize your time study and preparing for upcoming test.  Getting the most educational value out of the time you have available is crucial.

In a wide range of contexts, but especially with the upcoming SAT for juniors,  students will need to be able to correctly recall the data they have learned throughout the school year, and use it effectively. Becoming an efficient and successful student is not something that happens immediately, but it will help you get more out of your study time and test prep by putting a few of these tips into everyday practice.

8 Tips to help remote learning and test prep be more effective:

  • Use Basics of Memory Enhancement
  • Keep learning new things (and practicing)
  • Spend more time practicing material that you find most difficult
  • Find a tutor (whether peer or online)
  • Try studying collaboratively on a Google Meet (or safely in-person!)
  • Don’t try to multi-tasking
  • Allow yourself to reflect
  • Be a better learner with some humor

A bonus tip I’ve found helps a lot-  Use the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule, popularized by efficiency expert Tim Ferris, says “20% of the job gives you 80 percent of the results.” But when applied to studying, what does this mean? Very clearly, it will ultimately help you understand 80% of what you need to know by concentrating on the most important 20% of what you’re trying to learn.

Of course, the exact number doesn’t matter, the takeaway is that concentrating your efforts and using learning techniques that provide the greatest return on investment or get you the best outcomes for the time you put in is crucial.