Robotics Club to Compete at State


The new Rich Township Robotics Club is off to a stellar start. The students have competed seven times so far this season. The club consist of four robot teams and five drone teams.

As of mid-February, the regular season for is over, but three teams are headed to the state championships, which are being held at Rich Township’s STEM campus on Friday and Saturday, February 26th and 27th. 

Sixteen teams from this weekend’s event will be invited to compete in the World Robotics Competition in Dallas, TX in May. The following teams will be competing in weekend’s competition.

The Drone teams will compete on 3/19 at FAC for a chance to go to the world drone competition in Dallas, TX in May.

Team #1:  Qualified for State on 12/4 and won Tournament Finalist on 12/19, Ranked 19th
Zackary Zamot, Desean Fisher and Alyssa Townsend

Team #2:  Qualified for State on 2/16 , Ranked 42nd in the state.
Kylen Jones, Jayla Porter, Vianca Hernandez and Steven Adams

Team #3: Qualified for State on 2/19 , Ranked 43rd in the state.
Charles Smith, Hailey Zamot and Cherish Meyers

Team #4:  Ranked 59th, Unfortunately they did not qualify for state but had a great season and learned a lot about robots and themselves.
Carrington Dennis, Camryn Carver and Samuel Gyan

Team #5: Drone Only Team:
Jordyn Claiborne, Jaydon Greenup and James Coleman