Wakanda Forever Student Review

Another action-packed Marvel comics film directed by Ryan Coogler hit theaters last week. This time around, we encounter a lot of familiar faces, but the audience will also be pleased to meet a few new ones as Wakanda deals with new foes.  

The movie begins with a beautiful tribute to commemorate Chadwick Boseman, who we know, sadly passed away in 2020.  

The movie features a number of unexpected plot turns. It was very  powerful with many strong women in places of power, as well. The plot was so perfectly put together it leaves you intrigued and wanting more throughout.  

This movie is fairly long, as one would expect from a Marvel enthusiast. The movie has a few intense and dark moments, but the mesmerizing action scenes grab the audience’s interest and keep them on the edge of their seats right up until the very end. All the characters gave heartfelt performances.. Definitely worth the time investment during your Thanksgiving break.  4.5/5 stars