So You Want to Be an Athletic Trainer?


Athletic trainers are invaluable in the world of sports, their impact reaching far beyond the field, court, and athletic training facility. 

The overall goal of an athletic trainer is to help ensure student athletes are properly cared for and have a safe environment to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.  Their importance is invaluable as seen with the recent NFL incident with Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin.   The NFL credits the athletic trainers on staff with saving Hamlin’s life for quickly arriving at his side and administering CPR. This statement acknowledges the importance of having an athletic trainer on site for sporting events, from the professional ranks all the way down to high school and middle sporting events.  Most high schools require an athletic trainer on site during games or matches. 

While athletic trainers cannot eliminate the inherent risk of injury in sports they can help reduce severity when injuries do occur.   Some injuries are unavoidable, but Athletic trainers are able to carry out rehabilitation programs for many injured athletes.  It takes years of practice at the highest level to become a successful athletic trainer, but some Raptor students are able to get a closer look at this possible career choice earlier than many.

Here in Rich Township, some students have a very unique opportunity to work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. This career pathway is an immeasurable opportunity to be a part of your desired future career and can also be an eye opener in multiple ways by being hands on.  

For these students, the training room feels like home. Having the opportunity to work on team strength and conditioning, provide physical therapy, or even work hands on with the certified Athletic Trainer during games, gives invaluable experience which these students can use as they further explore careers in Athletic Training.