New Starbucks for FAC Students


Seniors Aniyah Thompson and Tierra Ford enjoy their morning Starbucks.

The new Starbucks across the street from the FAC Campus is the source of much excitement for many students.  An official Starbucks cups in the halls and classes at FAC is certainly the newest accessory.  But what are the benefits and downfalls?  We all know caffeine can help students wake up.  But unfortunately, most of the students favorite drinks are absolutely loaded with sugar.  Can that be good for you if consuming it every day?  Others say caffeine helps people with ADHD focus, which is a positive, but again, at what cost.  Cost, you ask?  Starbucks prices are incredibly high, and although the quality is top notch, spending $8/school day comes out to cost $40 a week or more!  And that doesn’t include food products.  It seems once students taste the Starbucks goodness, they quickly become addicted and need it daily.  Sophomore student, Temmy Saliu, says, “I enjoy the variety and trying something new every day.  It keeps the mornings exciting.”

Aside from pricing, another con can be the wait.  Are more students arriving at school late since the Starbucks opening?  That will be some interesting data.  As for helping student success, many find the ambiance at Starbucks to be calm and can help with studying and meeting for group projects. Overall, the addition of the Starbucks directly across from FAC has both negatives and positives,  but most seem to enjoy it!